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We had been invited to dinner by some very dear friends of many years. The unusual thing was just the fact that we specifically asked to dress as it would be a very formal, and we shared a ' profound experience' with our friends. When asked what is meant by ' fakku privacy', our host was not going to say. It has been suggested to be a memorable evening. We had known for years, so trusted them implicitly. We accepted the invitation, but my wife Anne concern remains what it was all. I also was not so mysterious now Sun What you say is true, incredible as it seems that all of us yet. We arrived at seven to find our hosts greeted us at the door. All were dressed appropriately. Jim, a 35- year-old, rather slim and fit with dark hair and a small goatee wearing a tuxedo greeted Pleasant Rental. Could fakku lead to his dying wife, Karen, a beautiful blonde with short hair and large eyes and expressive lips of a man wearing abeautiful floral print dress in beautiful pastel colors, stockings and black heels. My wife Anne had pressed an elegant yellow dress, black stockings and similar to some low-heeled. As for me, I'm fine with a nice suit jacket, a pair of pants and a nice shirt. In jest he had a black silk belt beneath it, I expected my wife is stimulating to be used later in the evening when we returned home. I could not help but fakku notice that Karen looked at me strangely, as we all sat down to dinner. She made ​​a point to sit next to me fakku and very sexy legs crossed and uncrossed nylon. I noticed something very strange. Karen had an ankle bracelet of gold in his right leg. And also, the house was so quiet. His son fakku was not there. He had with his grandparents the weekend said sent. However, the dinner was excellent. We had a pasta dish, some very fresh, hot bread, salad and wine. We talked about whatually have - our children, work and the current state of our world. After dinner, which took us to his lair, and we continue to chat about ice cream for dessert - how, after dinner drink of his own design. Then he sat down and said they had to say something serious. We asked if we were to leave in a terrible family secret that had been a tragedy for them. There was nothing like that. 'We are living now,' said Karen audacity. 'Way of Life ? ' I said, neither my wife nor I know what we're talking about. It was a surprise and said he had begun to swing about a year ago, and now felt comfortable sharing this with us. First, I could not believe what fakku we heard. But gradually, as Jim and Karen talked about her experiences, we realized that it was important to them, and have been modest. For what he heard, and listened some more. So our fakku friendship honored by the offerlead fakku us, if we wanted. Balked at the idea of ​​my wife Anne at all. But they assured us we would be interested, would only be an intimate evening with the two of them, and only us. We could wait until tomorrow, or we can do something about it at night. At this point, found me guilty that my cock fakku was almost fully erect, and was something of a shop in front of my pants. Karen smiled fakku approvingly. I remember I was hoping my wife does not fakku see our little exchange. We'd love to share a bed with other partners, he said, but has always been associated with the passion for sex. I had never done anything like that. I saw my wife. I was nervous, but I could tell them about what is happening was fascinated. She rejected the offer of the hand. They sat in our work. After some time, she surprised me by saying he would like to know more. Finally, just talking, it does not hurt anyone. Or so we thought, at least. Jim beat a little icebreaker. We all take a fakku walk from the back of his house in his garden. Only my wife, Karen, Jim and I would guard arm. My wife agreed. Reluctantly, and despite my efforts fakku to control my excitement growing sexual nature of the situation, I agreed. Suddenly there was Karen, and took my arm with a proprietary air that surprised me. It was a fakku pleasant walk, and not so terrible. However, I realized that Karen every effort to rely on me to get on or off. The feeling of your company 's thighs held me against my more irritated than he wanted. It was a meter long, has very ancient origins with a lot of foliage and flowers smell so sweet. It was dusk. Jim and Anne had a curve fakku in the courtyard, where several large shrubs and small fruit tree was gone. Karen then boldly took my arm and pushed her, but only tightly around his waist. He leaned in 'Your wife never scoredher lover ? 'She asked. ' No, do not have it, 'he said, stunned. ' Well, today is the night that adultery and you'll do -. Willing is not infidelity is all delicious today will be different -. Just wait and see, they want it now. ' You know what? ' I said, rather stupid. ' Why is sex with other men - many of them, like me,' Karen said with a smile. The arm and hand now slipped his arm from the waist, just above her ass. I felt her ass cheeks and silky smooth game between the dress and panties. Instinctively I found myself running my fingers over her ass and are beginning to fluctuate Karen. All this still seems so unreal to me. But I tell you what happened. Karen turned around, and then I took it. She is a well-formed, but big and strong, and our faces were right, toghether with the rest of our body. I never told my wife that I had dreamed of this moment in my sex fantasies. Even the straw after a couple of times sKaren eeing together in a pretty dress in one of our trips. our lips met. Karen was the clear aggressor, even when they try to behave correctly. His tongue entered my mouth and his arms and hands throughout the body. 'No, we should not,' I said and walked away from Karen. 'I'm married,' I said weakly. fakku My resistance was the highlight and it took all my strength to stop this. Then Karen took my arm and again it was further back in the yard under a large tree with a swing from the trees. There in the twilight saw Jim and my wife Anne. Jim jacket was off and were on top of each other. Jim ran his hands all over my wife's beautiful ass and it was while he was responding to more than necessary. Anne leaned into him and offered him not only his face, but his neck. Jim kissed her there. She could not resist his advances at all! The two watched spellbound as Jim grabbed the top of my wife's dress and unbuttoned the first button. inthis time my wife seemed to reason and Jim moved to push. But he was persistent. A second button was undone. And then a third, and more. They were locked in a deep French kiss, as Jim opened my wife 's dress and slid it across his shoulders. He fell to the ground around herm found a pair of panties and a black lace bra. Now my wife was the aggressor. She reached down and unbuckled his belt and opened Jim opened his pants and slid around the knee. During this time she did not heed us at all. But then, as well as sharing my wife had noticed Karen and I looked and fakku all. Ook was the unbridled lust in his eyes that told me it was not just mine. Jim was born, and now reacts easily as Karen said she fakku would. Karen was at work. I felt his fakku fingers run my thigh. It felt so good. ' Dale,' she whispered. 'I know for a long time, you would have. His wife know. Wetalked about a month ago. 'I was so aroused thouroghly this time, I said I could not resist. He put his finger on my cock now fully erect. I had to open soon his pants and around my knees. She whispered approval when he realized my thong. his hands on my bare ass felt good. I had gone so far. that was almost torn from her dress, to my way of undoing their backs, and fell into a passionate embrace. s you can guess the rest. my wife now has an ankle bracelet and gold like its aggressive acquisition of other men on with my blessing. also allowed me to be with other women as I choose, as long as it happens all the time while. Anne is now a very hot woman dressed almost like a whore. I agree.
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